Model Suffers Severe Injuries in Prop Accident

A 23-year-old fashion model suffered severe injuries after walking into the propeller of a 2011 Aviat Husky at Aero County Airport in McKinney, Texas, on Saturday night.

Lauren Scruggs reportedly went flying with a friend to get an aerial view of the Christmas lights in Dallas immediately before the accident. Scruggs’ parents say they believe Lauren may have been returning to the airplane to give the pilot one final thank you for the flight when she accidentally walked into the plane’s spinning propeller.

Scruggs suffered significant injuries to the left side of her face, shoulder and hand as a result of the accident. The extent of potential brain damage sustained is unknown. While she is in stable condition, her left hand has been amputated and she is still at risk of losing her left eye.

The exact circumstances surrounding the accident are unclear, but some news outlets have reported that the pilot was in the process of switching passengers when Scruggs exited the airplane and walked into the propeller. The FAA is investigating the accident.


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