Cirrus Aircraft Regime Change: Wouters Out, Klapmeier In

Dale Klapmeier

Cirrus Aircraft has made a change to its top leadership, replacing CEO Brent Wouters with the company's co-founder, Dale Klapmeier.

Klapmeier takes the reins just a few months after Cirrus completed its merger with the Chinese firm CAIGA. According to the company, the change in leadership was planned. Wouters, who held the position since 2009 and served as COO and CFO before that, is no longer with the company.

Klapmeier, along with his brother, Alan (now the CEO of Kestrel Aircraft in Maine), started Cirrus Aircraft more than 25 years ago, and says that the company’s commitment to making flying a reality for more people is “stronger than ever.”

Klapmeier is expected at the AOPA Summit later this week, where Cirrus will be showcasing its developmental Vision Jet.


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