Boeing, Embraer Team Up on Aviation Biofuel Development

** Boeing and Embraer announced the agreement
geared toward the production of biofuels and
other developments on Monday.**

Industry giants Boeing and Embraer are joining forces in an effort to develop ** sustainable biofuels** and achieve other goals, the two companies announced on Monday.

In a vaguely worded statement, the two companies agreed to “pursue several areas of cooperation, including commercial aircraft features that enhance safety and efficiency, research and technology and sustainable aviation biofuels.”

The announcement doesn’t provide much clarification beyond that, with the heads of both companies simply saying they look forward to building what Jim Albaugh, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, calls a “productive relationship that will benefit our companies and our countries.”

While the statement doesn’t reference the possibility of the two companies teaming up on the development of a new aircraft in the future, rumors have already started circling the industry to that effect.

The announcement coincided with the Brazil President’s visit to the United States and the signing of an aviation partnership pact between the two governments, and follows an agreement made last July between Boeing and Embraer geared toward the exploration of developing jet fuel from sugarcane.


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