Air France 447 Accident Report Due Out Friday

Wreckage of Air France 447

The official Air France 447 accident report will be released this Friday, French officials announced.

According to the BEA, the national aviation investigative unit of France, “This report will present the exact circumstances of the accident with an initial analysis and some new findings based on the data recovered from the flight recorders.”

The official accident report comes more than two years after Air France 447 disappeared approximately two hours en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. While some debris from the A330 was found floating in the Atlantic shortly after the incident, the majority of the wreckage, including the flight data recorders, was not discovered until April of this year.

An ** initial report** released by the BEA in late May after the recovery of the flight data and cockpit voice recordings suggests Air France 447 stalled at high altitude after the airplane's autopilot and autothrust disengaged. The report suggested faulty speed indications may have played a role in the accident, in which all 228 people aboard were killed.


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