New Diamond Twin Snags FAA Certification

New Diamond Twin Snags FAA Certification

Diamond DA62 customers in the United States can now celebrate as the FAA has signed off on certification for the Austrian twin-engine airplane. The news came 10 months after the company received certification for the airplane in Europe.

The DA62 is available in two versions, both powered by two 180-hp Austro AE330 engines powered by jet-A fuel, which is widely available around the world. The heavy version has a maximum takeoff weight of 5,070-lbs and seats up to seven people while the five-seat option has an MTOW of 4,400.

With a top speed of 201 knots, the DA62 is nearly 30 knots faster than its smaller sibling, the DA42. Despite having two engines, the airplane sips fuel – at 60 percent power, the fuel burn is right around 12 gph. Sales support for Diamond’s twins and single-engine airplanes in North America is managed through its facility in London, Ontario, in Canada.

“Our all-new DA62 is getting overwhelming high praise from everyone that flies it,” said Peter Maurer, Diamond Aircraft Industries president and CEO in Canada. “Its combination of cabin volume, utility, performance and efficiency makes it an ideal traveler for the U.S. market.”

Read Stephen Pope's full flight review of the DA62 here.

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