NASA Optimistic About Upcoming Artemis Launch

After scrubbing scheduled launch attempts following two rounds of mechanical issues and a hurricane, the space agency is ready for another try.
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SpaceX Launches Falcon Heavy for First Time in Three Years

The ‘world’s most powerful rocket’ carried a satellite load for the U.S. Space Force.
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World’s Largest Airplane Makes Talon-A Test Vehicle Flight

The captive carry test flight was the eighth for Stratolaunch’s Roc, testing its inflight launch capability.
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NASA Names Research Group to Study UFOs and UAPs

Are sightings of unidentified aerial objects evidence of extraterrestrial life? That’s what the government intends to find out.
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Eye-Catching Airbus Beluga ST Transport Delivers Satellite to Kennedy Space Center

Oddly shaped aircraft is a prime example of form following function.
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Tom Cruise On Course For First Civilian ISS Space Walk

The Top Gun: Maverick actor is developing a movie that proposes taking a rocket up to the International Space Station for shooting, a ...
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Shatner Left Saddened by Space Travel

Shatner has released a book about his trip aboard the Blue Origin rocket.
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NASA Plays Chicken With an Asteroid and Celebrates a ‘Smashing’ Success

Will the space agency’s long-distance intervention project pay off?
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Artemis Launch Scrubbed

Hurricane Ian creates issues for spacecraft.
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Eileen Collins To Be Awarded Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy

The retired U.S. Air Force colonel and space pioneer was NASA’s first woman shuttle commander.
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