Continental Cuts Engine Prices by 10 Percent

Continental has reduced the price of its factory-new or factory-rebuilt engines by 10 percent. Unlike a major overhaul done on your existing engine when unexpected problems can be found after work begins, you know exactly the price of the new or rebuilt Continental, and it's now 10 percent less.

Rebuilt is the FAA term for what pilots call a factory remanufactured engine, or "reman." Only the original engine maker can legally rebuild an engine to true zero time with a new serial number, new logbook and no carry forward hours. Continental only reuses the major nonwearing components, such as connecting rods and gears, in its rebuilt engines, so the vast majority of all parts are brand new. The rebuilt engines are assembled using the same people and techniques as a new engine. Because so many parts in a rebuilt engine are new, the price of an entirely new engine is not a lot more, and Continental offers both.

Buying a rebuilt or new engine from Continental can also dramatically cut the airplane downtime compared to a major overhaul. You can order your new or rebuilt engine and have it delivered before the runout engine is removed so there is no delay between removal and installation of the new engine. And when it comes time to sell your airplane, a factory rebuilt or new engine typically adds value.

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