Gallery: Up Up and Away Balloon Festival

Come along to the opening morning of the Florida's largest balloon festival.

The Up Up & Away Florida Hot Air Balloon Festival, the largest hot air balloon festival in the state of Florida, is taking place this weekend in Lakeland on the Sun ‘n Fun Expo Campus. FLYING was there for the kickoff on Friday morning. Here’s a little bit of what we saw.

Katie and Eric Brown and Callahan Brown (child), age 4, of Re-Spectra Balloons. [Photo: Sara Withrow]
[Photo: Sara Withrow]
[Photo: Sara Withrow]
Wally Lewis gets ready to take a very special birthday ride. [Photo: Sara Withrow]
Wally Lewis and Judy Rasberry took a ride Friday to celebrate Wally’s 70th birthday. [Photo: Sara Withrow]
[Photo: Sara Withrow]


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