Flight1 Tech Gains FAA Approval for Enterprise G1000 Sim

The AATD comes in Cirrus, Piper NXi, and Cessna 172 formats

Flight1 Tech announced that its Enterprise G1000 flight sim product has secured FAA approval, and can now be used for pilots to log time towards an instrument rating, as well as to maintain IFR proficiency.

The advanced aviation training device (AATD) stems from four years of development to create a highly realistic environment needed for an accurate response and positive transfer of training. Jim Rhoads, founder of Flight1 Tech, says, “We designed the system for single-pilot IFR proficiency, so every button and knob, cursor push, and side-stick movement mimics the airplane very closely. We built the system to be durable enough for college and flight school use, so we design and manufacture most of the hardware ourselves.”

We took a look at a prototype version last summer based on the Cirrus SR22 (G5), and we plan a full report later this year. The Enterprise G1000 sim also comes in a Cirrus G6 model, as well as Piper NXi and Cessna single-engine G1000-equipped models. The Flight1 Tech instructor station, VisPro, promises to bring even more capability to the sim for training purposes, as the platform evolves.

To schedule a demo, contact Flight1 Tech.


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