One Pilot Killed After Eurofighters Collide over Germany

The unarmed military jets were part of an air combat training mission.

A pair of Eurofighter Typhoons collided in midair over northeast Germany on Monday, killing one of the pilots, according to the German air force.

German police said they found a body near a crash site after the jets collided during a military training exercise, which local media outlets reported was that of one of the pilots.

Both pilots ejected after the collision, which happened at about 2 p.m. on Monday over Lake Drewitz about 110 miles northwest of Berlin.

The other pilot was found alive, hanging in his ejection seat in a tree.

The two planes crashed a few miles apart near the lake. Video recorded after the collision showed smoke rising from the two crash sites.

According to the German air force, the pilots were flying as part of three unarmed Eurofighters on an air combat training mission out of the Laage military base near Rostock.


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