Dassault Falcon 8X Nears Certification

The Falcon 8X is close to EASA and FAA certification, Dassault says. Dassault

Dassault Aviation, which is celebrating its 100th year in the business, took the opportunity at EBACE in Geneva to provide an update on its Falcon 8X program. Now in the final stages of flight testing, the ultra-long-range trijet is closing in on both EASA and FAA certification, which is expected as soon as this summer.

The certification effort has employed three test aircraft, which have accumulated more than 650 flight hours combined. While the bulk of the flight testing has been conducted at Dassault’s Istres Flight Test Center near Marseille, France, some testing has taken place at Dassault’s Falcon jet completion center in Little Rock, Arkansas. In addition, cold soak trials were done at Rankin Inlet in Nunavut, Canada. Dassault said the systems performed “flawlessly,” even in the most extreme conditions.

With certification imminent, Dassault is not wasting any time. Serial number 21 is in final assembly in Bordeaux-Merignac Airport in southwestern France, and six airplanes are in the process of being completed in Little Rock.

The Falcon 8X will offer a range of 6,450 nm, greater than any other Falcon jet. Dassault's FalconEye Combined Vision System, which blends synthetic and enhanced vision, will be available as an option. Dassault has delivered more than 2,400 Falcon jets since their introduction in 1963.

Check out some of the bizjets on display at this year's EBACE. Photo Gallery

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