CubCrafters Offers BRS Parachute Retrofits

A Carbon Cub using a BRS full-airframe parachute. CubCrafters

After bringing the BRS full-airframe parachute to the Carbon Cub last May, CubCrafters now says it will offer retrofit parachute systems in all of its airplanes.

The retrofits are available for CubCrafters’ production Sport Cub and Carbon Cub SS, as well as the company’s Carbon Cub FX builder-assist model and the EX/EX-2 kits.

Two retrofit models are available:

  • LSA Sport Cub and Carbon Cub SS models, for gross weight up to 1,320 pounds. (1,430 pounds on floats). This version weighs 41.4 pounds and is priced at $15,990 installed.

  • Carbon Cub EX, EX-2 and FX experimental aircraft for gross weight up to 1,865 pounds. This configuration weighs 43.5 pounds and is priced at $11,990 as a kit, or $15,990 installed.

The new BRS airframe parachute systems may be installed at CubCrafters Services in Yakima, Washington, or at six select Authorized Service Centers around the United States.

How it Works: BRS Parachute

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