Continental Gains EASA Type Certificate on CD-170 Engine

The CD-170 joins other jet-A-burning powerplants in the CD-100 series for piston aircraft. Courtesy Continental

Continental announced on August 11 that it has received European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) type certification on its CD-170 diesel engine. The latest jet-A burning powerplant will be used in the upcoming Tecnam P2010 TDI—the latest version of the single-engine piston cruiser. The nod from EASA comes as part of a program that Continental is pursuing to expand the validation of its CD-100 series engines towards global acceptance. The engines, which include the CD-135 and CD-155, have accumulated more than 7.1 million flight hours.

The 170 hp version achieves its higher power output through “several internal design features,” according to a company press release, “such as increased fuel injection rail pressure and adjusted injection time. These and other design changes result not only in higher performance output but maximized efficiency through an overall improved combustion process. The CD-170 operates efficiently on readily available jet A-1 or Diesel EN590, reducing fuel consumption by up to 50% compared to comparable gasoline engines. The engine benefits from reduced operating costs and has extended endurance or range that is monitored from the engine’s full authority engine digital control (FADEC) system.”

The CD-170 has already been integrated into the P2010 TDI, which is planned for deliveries beginning in Autumn 2020.

Based in Maryland, Julie is an editor, aviation educator, and author. She holds an airline transport pilot certificate with Douglas DC-3 and CE510 (Citation Mustang) type ratings. She's a CFI/CFII since 1993, specializing in advanced aircraft and flight instructor development. Follow Julie on Twitter @julieinthesky.

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