Boom Supersonic Picks Greensboro, North Carolina, for its ‘Superfactory’

“The Overture Superfactory,” expected to open in 2024, will be Boom’s first supersonic airliner manufacturing facility.

boom supersonic overture

The Overture is designed to fly from New York City to London in just three and a half hours on 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel. [Courtesy Boom Supersonic]

Boom Supersonic has chosen Piedmont Triad International Airport (KGSO) in Greensboro, North Carolina, as the site for its first full-scale manufacturing plant. 

The company says it will be where Boom manufactures “the world's fastest and most sustainable supersonic airliner.”

Builders are set to break ground in 2022 and begin production in 2024.

The company says the site, named “The Overture Superfactory,” will be a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, final assembly line, test facility, and customer delivery center for the Overture supersonic airliner. 

The plant will bring approximately 2,400 new local jobs to the area by 2032.

“Selecting the site for Overture manufacturing is a significant step forward in bringing sustainable supersonic air travel to passengers and airlines, with some of the country’s best and brightest aviation talent, key suppliers, and the state of North Carolina’s continued support,” said Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic, in a statement. 

“Boom is confident that Greensboro will emerge as the world’s supersonic manufacturing hub.”

Why North Carolina?

The choice of Greensboro was partly due to the availability of a strong aerospace workforce, including military veterans. Boom also looked at surrounding areas and found North Carolina offers access to many technical schools which could funnel highly skilled workers to the factory. 

The Piedmont Triad area is also close to many tier-one aerospace suppliers. This will make access to valued aviation resources seamless. Lastly, the close proximity to the East Coast will allow for supersonic flight testing over the Atlantic. 

"It is both poetic and logical that Boom Supersonic would choose the state that’s first in flight for its first manufacturing plant," North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said in a statement. "Like the success of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, this innovative company will succeed by transforming passenger air travel with speed and sustainable energy.”

While the new manufacturing center will be built in Greensboro, the headquarters for Boom Supersonic will remain in Denver, Colorado.

Boom Supersonic's facility is expected to cover 400,000 sq. ft. on 65 acres of property, and bring 2,400 jobs by 2032. [Courtesy Boom Supersonic]

The Overture 'Superfactory'

In 2022, contractors are expected to begin construction of the "Superfactory," which will cover approximately 400,000 square feet on a 65-acre campus.

To ensure dedicated top talent, Boom Supersonic plans to create 200 internships through 2032. The internships will be offered to students who attend publicly funded North Carolina universities, community colleges, or technical schools.

The factory is expected to be completed in 2024. The first Overture aircraft is expected to roll out in 2025 with first flights set for 2026. If all goes as planned, Overture could be accepting commercial passengers by 2029.

About the Aircraft

The Overture Supersonic Airliner is designed to carry 65 to 88 passengers on 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel. The company says it will fly from New York City to London in three and a half hours. 

Last year, United Airlines (UAL:NASDAQ) became the first U.S. carrier to sign a commercial agreement with Boom, announcing plans to buy 15 of the supersonic airliners, contingent on Boom hitting certain milestones. 

Japan Airlines has also pitched in $10 million for the development of the airliner and with an option to purchase 20.

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