Beechcraft King Air 360 Gets Electric Air Con

The new system can run from ship’s power or a ground power unit.

A lot of suffering prior to takeoff can be avoided with a robust air conditioning system as part of an airplane’s environmental control system (ECS). Textron Aviation has now improved the experience both in the cabin and on the flight deck with the addition of electrically driven air conditioning on its new production King Air 360 models.

Deliveries with the new system—providing cool air both on the ground and in flight—are set to begin next month from the company’s home base in Wichita, Kansas.

“The new system for the King Air 360 represents our continued investment in an already iconic product,” said Lannie O’Bannion, Textron Aviation’s senior vice president for sales and flight operations. “Last year we brought all new interiors and enhancements to the cockpit, and now we are bringing more amenities and comfort to the passengers and crew ahead of each flight.”

Internally Fitted Cool

The new air conditioning system won’t take up any extra space in the cabin, as it is incorporated into the airframe itself. And it can operate either off of ship’s power or from a ground power unit (GPU). The ability to run from a GPU means not burning jet-A to cool the cabin prior to departure—an environmental savings as well.

With more than 7,700 King Airs delivered in the model’s 58-year run, the King Air 360 sets the new top of the line for Textron Aviation’s King Air fleet. Featuring the Innovative Solutions & Support ThrustSense autothrottle—a FLYING Editors Choice Award winner—the 360 allows for engine management throughout nearly all phases of flight. The 360 also includes a digital pressurization controller to reduce workload and cabin comfort—with a 10-percent lower cabin altitude at 35,000 feet than the predecessor model, the King Air 350i.


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