BAA Training Agrees to Buy 48 Cessna Skyhawks from Textron Aviation

New airplanes will expand BAA’s training fleet and better serve its students.

Textron Aviation announced an agreement with BAA Training for the purchase of 48 Cessna Skyhawks, which are expected to be delivered during 2026.

The companies said the deal, struck at the Dubai Airshow, is a significant addition to BAA’s training fleet. With the new aircraft, BAA will be able to offer students increased capacity and a more streamlined flight training process. 

The Cessna Skyhawk, designed and built by Textron Aviation, is recognized as a top trainer and represents the most popular single-engine aircraft in history with more than 45,000 delivered around the world since its first flight in 1955. 

“For over six decades, the Cessna Skyhawk has inspired the next generation of pilots and served as the world’s leading flight trainer,” said Chris Crow, vice president of piston sales for Textron. “We are delighted to continue the relationship with BAA Training to provide their students access to the most produced single-engine aircraft globally.”

The latest Skyhawk is known for stable flight characteristics and advanced avionics, along with dispatch reliability that makes it a particularly effective and dependable training platform. The new airplanes to be delivered to BAA feature the 180 hp Lycoming IO-360-L2A engine, Garmin G1000 NXi avionics with wireless connectivity,  standard angle-of-attack display, and McCauley fixed-pitch aluminum propeller. 

“BAA Training has set an ambitious milestone to achieve a capacity of up to 1,000 students per year, necessitating a significant expansion of our fleet,” said Marijus Ravoitis, CEO of BAA Training. “We are glad to finalize this order, as the addition of 48 Cessna Skyhawks will bolster our resources, enabling us to accommodate the growing demand for training and further solidify our position in the industry.”   

BAA Training offers comprehensive aviation training solutions for aspiring commercial pilots, from initial training to type ratings. The company has operations in several locations, including Spain, Lithuania, France, and Vietnam.


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