Gulfstream Receives Approval for PlaneDeck Cockpit Upgrade

New capabilities for Honeywell system.

The FAA and EASA have signed off on Gulfstream‘s new cockpit upgrade for GIV, GIV-SP, GV, G300 and G400 airplanes. Called PlaneDeck, the new upgrade provides pilots with geo-referenced electronic charts and maps, in-flight XM weather and video displays for the six-screen Honeywell system.

Pilots should notice better clarity as the previous cathode ray-tube DU-880 screens are updated with Honeywell’s Primus Elite DU-885 liquid crystal display units. PlaneDeck also includes the addition of two cursor control devices to help the pilots manipulate the system more efficiently.

The video display capability can be used to enhance situational awareness at night by the addition of an infrared camera, such as the Kollsman general aviation vision system (GAViS). PlaneDeck is also ADS-B, FANS 1/A and WAAS capable, making it compatible with the NextGen upgrades of the national airspace system.

PlaneDeck provides about 700 Gulfstream operators with the availability of these new capabilities. Gulfstream says the upgrade requires “minimal pilot training” for those who operate the system. PlaneDeck is available now and the installation takes approximately 10 to 12 days to complete.


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