Garmin and P&WC Join in King Air Upgrade Promo

Major suppliers team up to offer big incentives.

Garmin and Pratt & Whitney Canada have teamed up to offer major discounts for King Air operators who are ready to upgrade their airplanes’ avionics and engines.

King Air 300/350 owners who purchase two new P&WC PT6A-60A engines under the Fleet Enhancement Program (FEP) may qualify to receive a free Garmin G1000 avionics suite. Other King Air owners can expect to save as much as $105,000.

The G1000 upgrade enables operators to take advantage of integrated autopilot capabilities, coupled precision WAAS approaches, traffic, weather and more. The new installation also includes the soon-to-be required ADS-B Out.

Adding to the benefits of having access to the latest avionics technology, the G1000 installation removes around 200 lbs of hardware, providing operators with a much-appreciated useful load increase.

In addition to Pratt & Whitney’s FEP program the PT6SMART Flat Rate Engine Exchange Program and Converter Enhancement Program (CEP) qualify for the incentive program. Factory new engines often result in increased range, speed and fuel efficiency, P&WC said. With a full warranty, the maintenance costs are also lower.

The promotion will be offered through January 29, 2016. Customers who have made major upgrades in the past year may also qualify for incentives.


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