Lightspeed Unveils Zulu PFX Headset

Zulu PFX Headset | Buy It Now Lightspeed

Lightspeed took the wraps off of its new Zulu PFX headset at AirVenture on Monday, unveiling what it claims is "the quietest aviation headset available."

The company says the PFX, which stands for “personal flying experience,” was developed over the course of two-plus years using a number of new features to improve noise cancellation and enhanced sound clarity. Among those are acoustic response mapping, which reportedly uses signal processing to adapt the headset’s audio to each individual’s ear shape, and streaming quiet, which samples external sounds before they breach the headset.

Lightspeed says its PFX headset is stronger and more flexible than its popular Zulu.2 model, and that pilots can personal several audio preferences using Lightspeed’s iPhone and iPad app.

Lightspeed is currently accepting orders for the PFX, which is priced at $1,100, and says the headset will be available to ship by the end of September.

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