Garmin Introduces Feature-Filled Aviator Watch

D2 Bravo takes multifunction to the next level.

Garmin has introduced a new aviator watch that has the potential to become the latest and greatest item for gadget hungry aviators. The D2 Bravo is a multifunction watch that blends the company’s expertise in aviation, sports and GPS services in a small but stylish package.

Building upon the company’s D2 watch, which Garmin introduced in October 2013, the D2 Bravo adds a slew of functions and improved operation. It has a new omni-directional stainless steel EXO antenna, which allows the watch to be slimmer than its predecessor while providing faster and more accurate GPS positioning. The high-resolution color LED screen is sunlight readable and the battery lasts up to six weeks in watch mode or 20 hours in GPS mode.

When paired with a smartphone, the watch can display weather data such as Metars, which are color-coded based on the current conditions. The watch also has a pressure sensor and provides vibrating alerts every 30 minutes when above 12,500 feet to remind the pilot to use supplemental oxygen.

Other aviation-related features include ground speed, track, distance, altitude, ETE, glide ratio, nearest features and the capability to navigate direct to airports. Some flight data, such as speed and altitude, is recorded to allow the pilot to review the flight once on the ground. The watch also provides alerts for such items as preset altitudes and reminders to switch tanks.

Additional features include tracking for a long list of sporting activities, such as running, biking, swimming and skiing, and the ability to control Garmin’s Virb video camera right from the watch interface. Garmin expects to introduce the D2 Bravo in July for a price tag of $699, including a six-month free trial of Garmin’s Pilot aviation app.

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