Evolution First Experimental With Garmin Autopilot

Garmin’s GFC 7X introduced in Lancair’s turboprop.

Lancair introduced an integrated, all-glass panel for its single-engine turboprop Evolution at AirVenture called EFC900X (Evolution Flight Control 900X), including Garmin’s GFC 7X autopilot. The GFC 7X is the first Garmin autopilot to be installed in an experimental airplane and is currently exclusive to the Evolution. “This is a huge vote of confidence from Garmin,” said Lancair’s marketing and sales director Doug Meyer.

Akin to Garmin’s integrated G1000 with the GFC 700 autopilot installed in certified airplanes, the integrated EFC900X system incorporates the GFC 7X autopilot into the experimental G900X avionics suite and will be capable of flying VNAV descent profiles, holds, procedure turns, arcs, missed approaches and coupled instrument approach procedures including WAAS-enabled LPV approaches.

The EFC900X also includes L-3 Avionics Systems’ Trilogy ESI-2000 Electronic Standby Instrument, eliminating the need for backup round gauges. The ESI-2000 displays airspeed, altitude, attitude and heading data in a format that matches the G900X, and is powered by an internal lithium-ion battery capable of providing power to the instrument in case of a power failure.

The EFC900X is now standard on all Lancair Evolution kits. The price for the kit is $545,000.


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