Garmin Unveils GTR 200 Comm Radio

Just a few months after Garmin introduced its G3X avionics system, the manufacturer has unveiled its newest product for the experimental and LSA markets: the GTR 200 comm radio.

Designed by Team X — the Garmin group behind the new line of homebuilt avionics — the GTR 200 features a two-place auto-squelch stereo intercom, 3D audio, and standby monitoring, among several other elements. The pane-mount comm radio integrates with Garmin’s G3X system, and is able to receive standby frequencies straight from the G3X’s waypoint page. The GTR 200 can store a total of 20 frequencies of a pilot’s choosing, along with a pilot’s 20 most used frequencies.

Garmin’s GTR 200 functions in both 14- and 28-volt aircraft. The product, priced at $1,199, is slated for release in August.

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