Garmin Brings Stability Protection to G3X

ESP-X now available for Experimentals.

Garmin has announced the release of a product for the Experimental market that automatically brings airplanes back to a safe flight attitude if they go beyond certain pitch, bank and airspeed limits. The Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP) concept has already been available in certified airplanes for some time, but now (ESP-X) is also available for aircraft equipped with G3X or G3X Touch avionics with autopilot servos.

The operator can personalize the pitch, roll and airspeed parameters beyond which the ESP-X will begin to nudge the airplane back toward a stable state. If the pilot takes corrective action, ESP-X fades and turns off. However, if the pilot does not take corrective action within 15 seconds, as in the case of pilot incapacitation, the system automatically brings the airplane to a level attitude.

In addition to sensing and correcting unsafe attitudes, ESP-X visually alerts the pilot with roll limit indicators and yellow chevron markings for pitch on the G3X display. EXP-X functions with the autopilot disengaged, but it can be disabled through the avionics during planned operations beyond the normal flight envelope, such as flight training or aerobatic flight. An optional separate off-switch can also be installed. The system automatically disengages once the airplane comes within 200 feet of the ground to allow the pilot full control of the airplane.

“Until today, the safety benefits offered by electronic stability protection have not been available to the Experimental and Light-Sport market and we are thrilled to now provide this technology to our loyal G3X and G3X Touch customers,” said Carl Wolf, vice president of aviation sales and marketing.

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