Avoiding Prop Blur: Sporty’s Has a Video Solution

In-cockpit video without the prop blur.

Two of the most vexing problems in cockpit-mounted video cameras are prop blur and good audio reproduction. NFlightCam and Sporty’s have teamed to bring innovative, simple solutions to these and other dilemmas.

A small company based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, NFlightCam is now staunchly committed to the iPhone/GoPro market. With Sporty’s as its distributor, NFlightCam offers three unique products – an iPhone video camera bracket, an in-cockpit GoPro mount and a solution for external mounts that is geared for the experimental market (they are exploring an STC for certified airplanes).

Patrick Carter, founder and CEO of NFlightCam, solved the prop blur problem with a neutral density filter that snaps over the front of the camera lens. His audio cable plugs conveniently into a headset cable, and includes its own active noise canceling processor, greatly improving audio quality.

For the iPhone, Carter’s bracket clamps around the phone (works with all models) and has a filtered lens that sits in front of the iPhone camera lens. “It’s surprising, but many pilots don’t even realize their iPhone has a video camera, and now, for $130 [the cost of the mount], they can use it to record their flights and their voice communications.”

The GoPro in-cockpit mount works similarly, with the camera snapping into a holder with the filter placed in front of the lens. It only works on the current Hero 3, unfortunately. Since the waterproof plastic case is not required, the audio cable can plug into the side of the camera for audio quality that matches the video. NflightCam also devised a metal mount for external video that will not break or bend at high speed. All NFlightCam products are designed and manufactured in Fayetteville. Find out more at sportys.com.


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