Aviator Assistant to Integrate ASA Reg Manuals into Subscriptions

Through the partnership, the 2024 edition of FAR/AIM will be included in Aviator Assistant's Electronic Flight Bag at no extra charge.

It’s about to get a little easier to stay ahead of regulations as Aviator Assistant, the aviation software solution company, and Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. (ASA) are joining forces to integrate the 2024 edition of the Federal Aviation Regulations/Aeronautical Information Manual (FAR/AIM) directly into Aviator Assistant’s Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and Flight School Management Software.

For more than 80 years ASA has been providing pilots, aviation mechanics, dispatchers, air traffic controllers and remote pilots with pilot supplies, software and training publications. It’s hard to find an aviation professional who has never used an ASA product.

“ASA is excited to provide students, pilots, and instructors with fast, easy access to the most pertinent federal aviation regulations combined with the aeronautical information manual, both of which are essential for every pilot operating an aircraft in the national airspace system,” Greg Robbins, ASA president, said in a statement. “This product integration with Aviator Assistant puts these valuable resources at EFB users fingertips without increasing subscription costs.”

Daniel Curtis, CEO of Aviator Assistant, shares the enthusiasm, saying “Our collaboration with ASA marks a significant milestone. By including the 2024 edition of the FAR/AIM in every subscription to our EFB, we’re taking safety and education in aviation to the next level.”

Access the FAR/AIM in Aviator Assistant

It’s easy to access the 2024 FAR/AIM inside of Aviator Assistant EFB. Just navigate to the ‘ASA FAR/AIM’ menu item inside of the “More” section.


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