Getting an Instrument Rating

The last action in the process of getting an instrument rating is passing the check ride.
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Minimums, Maximums, & Margins

Things to live by.
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How Safe Is Single-Pilot IFR?

The report card is mixed, with lots of room for improvement.
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Missed Approach

Discretion is certainly the better part of aeronautical valor.
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Get the Most From Turbocharging

Flight in the middle altitudes is where turbos deliver more speed, but it?s not that simple.
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Weather Lessons Learned

The third dimension really matters.
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What Happened to the Piston Twin?

Stepping from high-performance single to a twin was a natural pilot progression for decades, but no more.
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Ten Truths to Fly By

Some Simple, Some Not So
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The IFR High Dive

Richard shares his IFR insight and gives his own interpretation on why the “loss of control” accident type is so prevalent.
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Flying With XM WX

Neat stuff.
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