Another Cirrus Parachute Deployment Caught on Video

Video surveillance cameras recorded a successful Cirrus parachute pull on Long Island. NBC 4 New York

Another successful Cirrus parachute pull has been captured on video, this time when a father and daughter floated to safety after a loss of engine power over Long Island on Saturday afternoon. The pair climbed out of the SR22 and walked away unharmed after touching down in a grassy area in an industrial park in Hauppauge, about 8 miles from their intended destination, Farmingdale’s Republic Airport.

Video surveillance footage of the incident shows the Cirrus descend rapidly to the ground before its tail lifts up and the airplane comes to rest upright in front of a one-story office building. Before the billowing orange-and-white parachute has even fully reached the ground, the father and daughter can be seen clambering from the airplane and moving swiftly away from the wreckage.

This is the third high-profile Cirrus chute deployment caught on camera. The others involved a former Walmart CEO’s SR22 floating to safety in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in November and an SR22 chute deployment into the Pacific Ocean in January 2015, which was recorded in a selfie video by the pilot and a nearby U.S. Coast Guard plane.

Parachute maker BRS says 324 lives have been saved to date in successful full-airframe parachute deployments.


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