AirVenture 2017 Preview: Stratos Aircraft Introducing the Stratos 714 Personal Jet

Sticking to the schedule set since the first test flight in November, the Stratos 714 will make its official public debut at AirVenture 2017 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin later this month. "Fresh out of the upholstery and paint shops," the single-engine jet will be on display all week (July 24-30) at Boeing Plaza, following a press conference, featuring CEO Michael LeMaire and Chief Sales Officer Kevin Jordan, that will take place Monday, July 24, at 9:30 a.m.

In May, the Oregon-based company announced that the 714 completed its first flight test phase, as the test pilots logged 52 hours on 33 flights. The aircraft topped out at 320 ktas and 17,000 feet, with a max test weight of 8,300 pounds. At the time, Lemaire said he and the Stratos team were "extremely pleased" with the 714's progress, and added that there would be no major changes in design.

AirVenture will provide the public with the first look at what the 714, which is powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5 engine, could ultimately look like when it rolls off the production line. Still, there is plenty of testing to be done, and so as we eagerly await the 714’s big moment in Oshkosh, let’s take a look back at the jet’s progress.

Over five days, the aluminum, polycarbonate and composite model was subjected to more than 90 runs with focus on airflow over the fuselage, wings and vertical tail, according to Stratos. Stratos Aircraft
The pressure vessel halves being bonded in June 2015. Stratos Aircraft
In February 2016 air intakes were installed on the prototype aircraft. Stratos Aircraft
In June 2016, the 714 underwent body work. Stratos Aircraft
The side fairing was removed to allow easy engine access to the Stratos 714. Stratos Aircraft
Then, the prototype was primed. Stratos Aircraft
The prototype weight and balance check before the taxi test in August 2016. Stratos Aircraft
The pre-flight engine test run. Stratos Aircraft
The Stratos 714 nearly ready for its first test flight. Stratos Aircraft
The Stratos 714 took off for the first time from the company’s headquarters at the Roberts Field Airport in Redmond, Oregon. Stratos Aircraft
The initial flight of the 714 was limited to 128 knots and 3,700 feet agl with the gear extended and flaps at 24 degrees. Stratos Aircraft
The four-seat jet flew for 10 minutes to evaluate the general stability and systems operation. Stratos Aircraft
Test pilot Dave Morss after the first 714 test flight on November 21, 2016. Stratos Aircraft
Test pilots logged 52 hours during 33 flights in the initial test phase, and the second phase will begin after AirVenture 2017. Stratos Aircraft

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