This 2001 Fisher Celebrity Is a Golden Age Style ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Eligible for light sport operation, this aircraft appeals to a broad range of pilots.

2001 Fisher Celebrity [Courtesy: Ted Zabinski]

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Fisher Flying Products has been turning out kits for the Celebrity biplane and several other homebuilt aircraft since 1989. The company markets the Celebrity to pilots who wish to get a sense of how it might feel to travel back in time to aviation’s golden age and try out some of the airplanes that were available then. 

The Celebrity originally was a wood-and-fabric design but for a time was available with a steel tube fuselage structure like the aircraft for sale here.

Small and light, Celebrities are known for harmonious control response and pleasant flight characteristics in addition to economical operation. The airplane’s wingspan is 22 feet with an empty weight of 600 pounds and gross weight of 1,230 pounds. The design is meant to use engines ranging in horse power from 65 to 125. This aircraft is an ideal blend of performance and low fuel consumption. 

This Fisher Celebrity has 131 hours on the airframe and on its 90 hp LeBlond radial engine. The experimental homebuilt aircraft has a fuselage constructed of steel tubing with wooden wings and empennage. The main fuel tank in the fuselage carries 13 gallons, and there are two 3.5-gallon wing tanks.

Instrumentation is basic VFR, with the modern convenience of hand-held GPS for navigation and hand-held radio for communication. The Fisher Celebrity qualifies under light sport rules.

Pilots looking for a grassroots, open-cockpit biplane experience in a contemporary homebuilt machine should consider this 2001 Fisher Celebrity, which is available for $25,000 on AircraftForSale.

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