This 1979 Bellanca Viking Is an ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick from an Interesting Family

Links to the advanced, golden age Cruisair add to the Viking’s appeal.

1979 Bellanca 17-30 Viking [Courtesy: Southwest Aero]

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One could say the Bellanca Viking occupies a sweet spot in the used aircraft market because, while it is relatively rare, there are enough of them around that you can usually find them for sale.

If you enjoy flying unique airplanes and the attention they attract on the ramp, the Viking could be the right vehicle for you. When flying into a new airport in one of these, pilots should prepare to answer questions about the aircraft. Indeed, that can be part of the approach checklist.

Several elements of the Viking’s design give it an old-fashioned feel. As you walk up to the airplane it becomes clear that it is covered with fabric, antique style, and bears a strong resemblance to its golden age ancestor, the Bellanca Cruisair, especially when viewed from the rear.

During the walkaround it is hard to miss the struts that connect the underside of the horizontal stabilizer to the fuselage. Those bracing structures look like a throwback to the early days of aviation, however, they do not seem to generate much drag.

Yes, despite its vintage appearance, the Viking is a performer, known for speed and harmonious handling. When you ask Viking owners about their airplanes, horsepower and cruising speed tend to lead the conversation. These machines have an enthusiastic following. 

This 1979 Bellanca Viking has 3,120 hours on the airframe, 1,215 hours on its Continental IO-520-K engine since overhaul, and 515 hours on its Hartzell three-blade propeller since overhaul.

The panel features an Aspen 1000 EFD, Garmin GNS 430 WAAS, Garmin GPS 496, King KX 170 Nav/Comm, King KN 62 DME and King KMA 24 audio panel, King KT 67A transponder, uAvionix ADS-B Tail Beacon, Century 111B autopilot, JPI Fuel Scan 450, digital EGT instrument, and Insight Strike Finder.

Additional equipment includes extended baggage space, including a ski tube, 15-gallon auxiliary fuel tank, Stratus ADS-B receiver, and ACK 406 ELT. The aircraft was repainted in 2010. 

Pilots looking for a high-performance, four-seat retractable piston single that is distinct from the typical crowd on the ramp should consider this 1979 Bellanca 17-30A Viking, which is available for $129,000 on AircraftForSale.

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