New Gear Option for Lancair Evolution

Turboprop kit airplane offers increased gross weight and versatility.

Lancair has introduced a new option for the Evolution turboprop kit airplane called “rough service landing gear,” or RSLG for short. The new gear allows pilots to land the four-seat composite airplane at airports with unpaved runways without fear of damaging the gear.

The new landing gear option has wide 12-ply Goodyear tires, which are more durable and less likely to dig into soft surfaces. The Grove wheels and brakes are designed specifically for the Lancair Evolution. The standard gear now comes with a slightly narrower Goodyear tire, which also provides a wider contact area for better ground handling and braking grip compared with the previous tire offering.

The testing Lancair conducted when adding the new landing gear system resulted in a max gross weight increase to 4,550 pounds. The 250-pound increase allows customers to add all the most popular options while maintaining an 800-pound payload. While not required under the experimental certificate, Lancair opted to conduct ultimate load testing beyond what is required for the experimental certificate, testing very similar to what certified airplanes are required to go through, says Lancair’s director of sales and marketing Doug Meyer.

Pricing for the RSLG has not yet been finalized, but Meyer says it is expected to stay below $3,000. The kit will also be retrofittable to the existing Evolution fleet for a cost of approximately $5,000. Installation time is about one week, Meyer says.

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