Tecnam Achieves EASA Certification for P Twenty Ten

Tecnam P2010

Tecnam's four-seat P Twenty Ten has received the paperwork from EASA, signing off on CS 23 certification for the new high-wing. The announcement came four years after the Italian company announced the program, and Tecnam is now ready to deliver the four-seater to customers in the Czech Republic, France, Poland, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Tecnam has focused mostly on the LSA market and has a long lineup of LSA product offerings. In addition to the single-engine P Twenty Ten, Tecnam also offers the certified twin-engine P2006.

The P Twenty Ten features a sleek carbon-fiber fuselage with metal wings, stabilator and rudder. Customers can choose to equip the airplane's panel with Garmin's G500 or G1000 with an integrated GFC 700 autopilot. In addition to the front doors for the pilot and copilot, rear passengers can enter through a third door on the right side of the fuselage. There is also a separate door for the luggage compartment.

The certification program for the Italian company included 200 hours of flight testing. FAA certification is expected in the coming months.

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