Rotax 912 iS Sport Engine Unveiled

Rotax 912 iS Sport

Rotax today introduced a new version of its popular 912 series engine for light aircraft, the 912 iS Sport. The big change from the current 912 iS engine is a bigger airbox that ups the torque curve for shorter takeoff runs and steeper climbs while also providing improved fuel efficiency and higher top-end cruise speed.

The new 912 Sport version includes updated engine control unit (ECU) software designed to optimize performance of the fuel-injected engine. The newly designed intake also boosts fuel efficiency by up to 30 percent compared with the 912 ULS engine at economy cruise settings and by around 10 percent with the throttle wide open.

Rotax announced the price of the 912 iS Sport will remain the same as the 2013 price for the 912 iS, a deal the company will honor until the end of October. Current owners of the 912 iS engine will be able to upgrade the airbox, intake, ECU software and other components in the engines free of charge to bring it up to 912 iS Sport specifications. The only expense involved in the retrofit will be the labor charge to perform the upgrades.

The 912 iS Sport’s dual-channel ECU, developed for Rotax by Rockwell Collins, is the same hardware as in the 912 iS but with new engine mapping designed to take advantage of the larger airbox, which allows more air to be drawn into each cylinder. Max continuous power in the 912 iS Sport has been increased to 98 hp, while takeoff horsepower remains the same at 100.

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