Quicksilver Sport S2SE Gains Approval

S-LSA approved for production.

If you want real value from an airplane backed by a company with a great track record and a long history, look no further. The FAA has given its stamp of approval for Quicksilver Aircraft to begin producing and selling the factory-built Sport S2SE, a two-seat special light sport aircraft (S-LSA) that will sell for an out-the-door price just shy of $40,000.

Speaking of doors, the Quicksilver Sport 2SE doesn’t have any because of its open cockpit, evolved from the California manufacturer’s ultralight kit designs dating back to the 1970s. But the S2SE is a sophisticated machine, with power coming from a 65 hp Rotax 582 engine and featuring a 3-blade 72-inch composite propeller, beefy landing gear, hydraulic brakes and full suite of engine and flight instruments.

Under new ownership since 2012, Quicksilver plans to build the S2SE at its base in Temecula, California, as well as satellite facilities in Louisiana and Minnesota. The company is also planning for production of a second model, the two-seat GT500 S-LSA with a Rotax 912ULS engine.

Some LSA kitplanes, like the Sonex two-seater, do sell for less, but the S2SE is definitely one of the cheapest production S-LSAs ever. The $39,999 retail price for the S2SE is an introductory offer that’s good until July 4.

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