Lisa Airplanes Launches Amphibious LSA

Lisa Airplanes, a young French company started in 2004, recently announced the commercial launch of the Akoya, an amphibious airplane reportedly able to land on snow, water or ground without any additional modification.

The two-seater aircraft is made entirely of composite materials and relies on a 100 hp Rotax engine powered by unleaded gasoline. It tops out at a max speed over 120 knots, has a range of almost 700 miles and a can take off and land over less than 650 ft. The aircraft’s unique design includes foldable wings and hydrofoils connected to retractable landing gear outfitted with skis.

The Akoya made its first flight in August 2007. Lisa Airplanes expects the aircraft to receive LSA certification in the summer of next year, followed by immediate deliveries. The Akoya comes with a price tag of €300,000, which comes out to a little more than $400,000 in American dollars and includes three years of maintenance and other tailored services.


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