Cessna Moving Skycatcher Out of LSA Category

Cessna Skycatcher

Cessna announced it is moving its 162 Skycatcher out of the light sport category and into the primary category. But before you lose any sleep worrying what the change will mean for you – if you fly a Skycatcher, that is – rest assured, the shift is nothing more than a way to ease approval of the two-seater in Europe, and will have no affect on U.S. buyers or operators, Cessna assures us.

Cessna said it will work with the FAA to move the Skycatcher to the Part 21 primary category to make the airplane easier to sell in Europe, which is in the process of adopting new LSA rules. After gaining approval, Cessna will apply for certification under criteria recently announced by the European Aviation Safety Agency.

In the meantime, Cessna has halted Skycatcher sales in Europe and is refunding deposits as it seeks to comply with Europe’s LSA rules. The company says the Skycatcher will continue to meet the definition of a light sport aircraft and can still be flown by those holding a sport pilot license.


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