Sun ‘n Fun Campus Gets FedEx 727

FedEx has donated a retired Boeing 727-200 to the Sun 'n Fun campus, which is used by the Central Florida Aerospace Academy and its partner Polk State College. Polk State College's Aerospace Program Director Eric Crump, who is also a regular contributor to Flying, said the airplane will be parked permanently and mounted on stilts near the Central Florida Aerospace Academy.

While the students won’t be able to take off in the heavy jet, plans are to keep it fully operational. Crump said students will be able to power up the auxiliary power unit and engines, and may even be able to retract the landing gear of the airplane. The main cargo compartment will be transformed into a classroom and the tail end of the airplane will be used as a boardroom.

During its more than 20-year tenure with FedEx, the 727 was named Paul. Crump said the name will remain and it will be used as a classroom designator for the classes offered inside the former cargo jet.

Lori Bradner, executive director of education at Sun 'n Fun, said plans are for the airplane to be up and running in time for the fall semester.


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