Sonex Reveals Details of SubSonex Jet Program

At a press briefing on Sunday in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Sonex revealed details regarding the SubSonex personal jet, including initial pricing. Sonex is accepting $10,000 refundable deposits for production slots and while the company did not announce what the final price for the single-engine jet kit will be, the company said that the first ten deposit holders will get the airplane for $125,000. "We'll know more about our costs and if the pricing needs to change after the first few aircraft are delivered," said Mark Schaible, general manager at Sonex. The Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based company hopes to start delivering SubSonex kits toward the middle of next year.

With Sonex’s Ultra-Quick Build program, customers will receive the jet’s fuselage, including the canopy and windshield, wings, tail and control surfaces in completed form. Owners are responsible for the installation of the retractable landing gear, electrical systems, outboard wing panels, BRS parachute, avionics, engine and fuel system. Installation of the fiberglass interior components and the paint application are also completed by the owners.

The SubSonex is powered by a PBS TJ-100 engine, produced by the Czech company PBS Velká Bíteš. The lightweight engine puts out 247 pounds of thrust.

The airplane is intended for the Experimental Exhibition category, which allows owners to use builder assist shops to complete the assembly processes not included in the Ultra-Quick Build. Pilots flying the SubSonex must have a letter of authorization from the FAA.

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