Pilatus PC-24 Prototype Unveiled

** Pilatus PC-24**

The Pilatus PC-24 made its initial appearance this week across the pond with the unveiling of the first twinjet prototype at Buochs Airport in Switzerland.

Pilatus took the wraps off its newest creation in a fanfare-filled ceremony that included a fly-by of all the Pilatus aircraft that ever reached production in the company's 75-year history. The PC-24 prototype is the first of three to be completed and is slated to make its maiden flight in spring of next year.

Powered by dual Williams FJ44-4A engines and equipped as standard with a cargo door, the PC-24 aims to deliver the versatility and ruggedness Pilatus is known for in jet form. The midsize airplane is expected to have a range of 1,800 nm and a top cruise speed of 425 knots.

Orders for the $8.9 million jet have already started rolling in, with the company taking 84 orders alone at the European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition in Geneva this spring.

Pilatus reps say they expect to achieve certification of the jet and begin deliveries in 2017.

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