Nextant Sells 10 Airplanes in Asia

Nextant 400XT

Nextant Aerospace has landed a bulk order from Asia Pacific Jets of Singapore for 10 of its Nextant 400XT bizjets, a remanufactured version of the Beechjet 400.

Nextant said it will deliver the airplanes over a period of three years, with some outfitted as air ambulances and others as VIP transports. Asia Pacific Jets also will serve as a sales agent in Asia for the 400XT, and has announced a partnership with Hong Kong-based AirMed Asia, a subsidiary of AirMed International, for the sale of medevac-configured jets.

The first two 400XTs will reach Singapore by the end of the year, a timeframe that is aligned with the opening of a new Singapore base Asia Pacific Jets and AirMed Asia are launching. As part of their agreement, AirMed Asia will handle maintenance and warranty support for Nextant Aerospace in the region.

To create the FAA-certified 400XT, Nextant starts with a Beechjet 400A/XP airframe and adds new Williams FJ44-3AP turbofan engines, Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics, improved cabin electronics including high-speed wireless Internet service, and completely rebuilt interiors. The resulting aircraft has a 2,005 nautical mile range, cruise speed of 460 knots and a price of around $4 million.


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