First Learjet 75 Production Aircraft Comes to Life in Wichita

Learjet 75

Bombardier’s new Learjet 75 business jet came to life for the first time last month on the company’s Wichita production line. Aircraft power, including the avionics, was switched on during the week of August 21 as the aircraft progresses toward a planned 2013 certification, according to Bombardier.

As we previously reported, the Learjet 75 is an upgraded version of the Learjet 45. The new design was announced at EBACE in May, along with the Learjet 70, an upgraded version of the Learjet 40. Both new jets will feature Honeywell TFE-731 engines, a new flight deck, the Garmin G5000 touchscreen-controlled integrated cockpit (dubbed the Bombardier Vision flight deck), winglets, and all new interiors.

According to Bombardier, there will be a total of five flight test aircraft, including the first production Learjet 75. A modified Learjet 40XR and a modified Learjet 45XR are flying to support avionics certification, while a modified Learjet 45XR will be used primarily for the interior and cabin management system. An existing Learjet 45XR will be modified and used for testing and validating performance improvements.

"This milestone represents a significant step forward for our Learjet aircraft family, as we were able to seamlessly integrate the Learjet 75 jet into our production flow,” said said Ralph Acs, vice president and general manager, Learjet, Bombardier Business Aircraft.


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