Embraer Lineage 1000E Introduced at NBAA

Offering greater range and new creature comforts.

Embraer is showcasing a full lineup of executive jets at NBAA’s static display at Henderson Executive Airport near the southern edge of Las Vegas. The flagship happens to be a newly introduced airplane, an upgraded version of the Embraer Lineage 1000, renamed Lineage 1000E, the E implying extended range and enhanced interior. Embraer says an increase of 200 nm over the previous airplane now gives the Lineage 1000E the capability of traveling up to 4,600 nm with eight passengers.

The Lineage 1000E is, however, capable of carrying as many as 19 passengers in five cabin zones. The increase in range was enabled by a decrease in the basic empty weight by more than 500 pounds, which was partially accomplished by changes in the materials used in the new interior, including luxury finishes, such as stone and wood veneers, that no longer require heavy hardwood accents.

In addition to the new luxurious interior design materials, the Lineage 1000E offers the latest in cabin comfort and entertainment. Embraer Executive Jets’ COO Marco Túlio Pellegrini, who will take over as president of the company at the beginning of 2014 following the retirement of Ernie Edwards, calls the new airplane a “home away from home.” Some of the creature comforts the passengers can expect are electrically controllable seats and tables, on-board telephone systems, multiple ports and iPad docks and iPad-controllable lighting systems with toe-kick lighting around the entire cabin.

Passengers can choose to control Honeywell’s Ovation Select cabin management and entertainment system through their iPads or through a control panel within reach of each seat. Up to five TVs, one for each zone, can be installed in the cabin, and customers using Apple TV can bring it along. The largest section, zone three, can accommodate a 48-inch TV with a five-speaker surround sound system. Two Blu-ray devices are standard, but up to two additional systems can be installed.

The zone concept for the airplane also provides the ability for full privacy. There are lockable electric doors between the main cabin and the bedroom in the aft section. There are also two lavatories, one at the front and one behind the bedroom, which also has an option for a shower. The bedroom has access to the massive luggage compartment, which Embraer claims is the largest in its class at 333 cubic feet. At the LABACE show earlier this year in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Embraer brought a BMW motorcycle in that compartment.

The Embraer Lineage 1000E features Honeywell’s Primus Epic avionics, optionally equipped with EVS, HUD and Autoland capability that enables the airplane to fly itself through the approach, touch-down and a five-second rollout.

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