Embraer Legacy 450 Flies

Mid-light business jet program progresses on schedule.

Embraer Executive Jets closed out 2013 with an important milestone in its Legacy 450 development program as it took the fly-by-wire mid-light business jet to the skies on December 28, meeting its targeted first-flight schedule.

“The flight was a success,” said Embraer’s test pilot Eduardo Camelier, who flew the airplane with copilot Eugênio Cará. “The full fly-by-wire system, with side-stick flight controls, made the flight very smooth.”

The Legacy 450 is a shorter version of the Legacy 500, also in development at Embraer’s facility in São José dos Campos, Brazil. The Legacy 500 first flew in November 2012 and, with a target for certification in mid-2014, the Legacy 500 is expected to reach the bizjet market about one year ahead of the Legacy 450.

The systems of the Legacy 450 are identical to those of its larger sibling, the only major difference being a shorter fuselage. Both airplanes in the Legacy series are equipped with side-stick flight controls and Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion flight deck with head-up display and enhanced-vision system options.

The flat-floor, stand-up cabin of the Legacy 450 can fit up to nine passengers and features the latest in in-flight entertainment. With four passengers, the Legacy 450 has a range of 2,500 nautical miles with IFR reserves, enabling the airplane to fly nonstop from Los Angeles to Boston.

“I congratulate all Embraer people for achieving this important Legacy 450 program milestone on the scheduled date,” said Embraer’s president and CEO Federico Fleury Curado.

Take a look at the first flight in this video.

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