Embraer to Feature New Airplanes at NBAA

** Legacy 500**

As Embraer is gearing up for the National Business Aviation Association's annual convention in Las Vegas, which is coming up on October 22 through 24, the company has leaked a few tidbits of what showgoers can expect to see at the Embraer booth and at the static displays inside the convention center and at Henderson Executive Airport (HND), in the southern edge of the city.

NBAA visitors will for the first time be able to get their hands on the new, high-tech Legacy 500, which the Brazilian company hopes to introduce to the market next year. More than 650 flight hours have been logged on the midsize, fly-by-wire jet. The Legacy 500 will be on display with a new, patented interior, which will also be available for the Legacy 450, a smaller version of the 500 that Embraer hopes to fly for the first time before the year end.

Embraer will also display the Phenom 100 and its sibling, the Phenom 300, which have taken a hefty share of the light jet market since the late 2008 introduction. Embraer has already delivered more than 400 Phenoms, a significant number for a clean-sheet airplane introduction. However, the airplanes on display will not show the latest upgrades. Embraer has announced that the 2014 Phenom 100 will include multifunction spoilers and 11 interior collections for customers to choose from. Spoilers are retrofitable to earlier Phenom 100s. Customers can also choose premium seats that swivel and move forward and aft; however, the seat in front of the emergency exit must remain static. The premium seats can also be retrofitted.

Embraer will also introduce a new Lineage 1000. Again, the details will be released at the show, but Embraer said the updates to the big business jet are significant enough to warrant a new name.

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