Bombardier Launches Challenger 350

** Bombardier Challenger 350**

Bombardier introduced a new addition to the Challenger series this week at EBACE in Geneva. The Challenger 350 is not a clean-sheet design, but rather a modified version of the Challenger 300 super-midsize jet. The new product is largely the result of input from customers, and mostly from one of Bombardier’s most loyal customers, NetJets, which helped design new creature comforts for the Challenger 350 cabin such as inflight entertainment, a beverage maker and finishing touches in leather and wood.

In addition to an improved cabin, the Challenger 350 offers an engine upgrade with Honeywell’s HTF7350 engines producing 7,323 pounds of thrust each. The increased power and aerodynamic improvements, such as tilted winglets, will allow the airplane to climb straight to 45,000 feet and fly eight passengers 3,200 nm, Bombardier says. The panel boasts Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line 21 system, with synthetic vision, electronic charts, dual inertial reference systems and Multiscan Weather Radar.

First deliveries of the Challenger 350 are projected to take place in 2014.

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