CubCrafters Introduces Quick Build Program

Carbon Cub FX to be amateur-built in record time.

In order to offer the popular Carbon Cub with the experimental gross weight limit to pilots who don’t want to build the entire Carbon Cub EX-2 kit, CubCrafters is now offering a quick build program.

CubCrafters’ Carbon Cub FX builder assist program involves the customer in the construction of steel, composite and aluminum parts in order to satisfy the 51-percent rule, a process that takes only five days at the Yakima, Washington factory.

“Carbon Cub FX turns the familiar ‘builder assist’ convention upside down,” said Jim Richmond, founder and CEO of CubCrafters. “Instead of assisting your assembly of parts from a kit, CubCrafters’ technicians facilitate your fabrication of the parts themselves! Using our modern facilities and equipment, we will guide you through the fabrication process in an astonishingly short time.”

The company says no technical experience is required of the customer and, once the parts are made, CubCrafters will assemble the airplane. After about 50 days, the customer returns to the factory to complete the final assembly and airworthiness process, which takes about two days.

The experimental versions of the Carbon Cub offer a gross weight of 1,865 lbs, providing a useful load of more than 900 pounds, about 500 pounds more than the LSA version.

Because the factory must accommodate the customer for the quick build program, CubCrafters will offer a limited number of slots for the Carbon Cub FX. The base price for the airplane is $204,990. While the price tag for the Carbon Cub FX is high for an experimental it comes with a one-year warranty, which is highly unusual for an airplane in this category.

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