BRS Parachute Now Available for Van’s RV-7, RV-9

Van's builders have been practically begging BRS Aerospace to offer its whole-airframe emergency recovery parachutes for the lineup of popular homebuilts – and now BRS has delivered by making the rocket-fired chutes available for the Van's RV-7 and RV-9.

It took some creative engineering to add a parachute to the RV models, but the company was finally able to make it happen. As described by BRS, the unit in the RV is stowed in a specially designed frame suspended from structural aluminum angles spanning the upper longerons and the back of the aft baggage bulkhead. The parachute deploys out of the right side of the fuselage behind the wing and angles upward.

“We are very excited to release this installation to the Van's Aircraft market,” said BRS CEO Larry Williams. “We listened to the customer base and responded.” Williams said BRS’s most frequent request is for installation options on Van's Aircraft.

Since 1981, BRS has delivered more than 30,000 parachute systems to aircraft owners worldwide, including more than 3,500 on FAA-certified airplanes. BRS parachute recovery systems have been credited with saving the lives of 299 pilots and passengers.

The installation kit for the RV-7/9 series is on sale now, BRS said, with a delivery wait time of about 6 to 8 weeks after an order is placed.

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