Advanced Aero Components Acquires Glasair II and III Assets

G2 and G3 kits will soon emerge from Redding, California.

Glasair Aviation USA has handed over the assets of the Glasair II and III to Redding, California-based Advanced Aero Components. The company has purchased the parts inventory, tooling and other intellectual property related to the speedy side-by-side two-seat airplanes. The Sports Class at the National Championship Air Races has been won multiple times by a Glasair III named Sport 39, piloted by Jeff LaVelle, who brought the airplane beyond the 400 mph mark in the 2017 races.

Glasair had stopped producing kits for the two airplane models, focusing instead on the four-seat Sportsman and Merlin LSA. The Sportsman has been offered as a kit with the company’s highly regarded Two Weeks to Taxi program, which allows customers to bring the airplane from parts to a complete airplane in two weeks. Glasair’s president Nigel Mott said the company is now working on Part 23 certification for the Sportsman and the ramp up of production for the Merlin.

AAC will rebrand the legacy airplanes G2 and G3. The airplane kits will incorporate all of the modifications that AAC has already offered to Glasair II and III owners. Kits will also be available in pre-molded carbon fiber, providing for a lighter, stronger airframe and quicker build time.

The existing Glasair II and III owners and builders, of which there are approximately 2,000, will also soon have an easier time purchasing parts as AAC will offer G2 and G3 parts in its web-based store.


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