A Retired Boeing 747 Becomes a New Party Venue

A grounded British Airways jet was gutted and revamped as a one-of-a-kind entertainment spot.

This British Airways Boeing 747 was sold to Cotswold Airport (GBA) for $1.30. [Courtesy: Cotswold Airport]

If you have ever wanted to party on a Boeing 747 but you’re not a celebrity, now’s your chance.

A British Airways Boeing 747, which was grounded back in 2019, was sold to the highest bidder for a whopping $1.30. After purchasing the aircraft in October 2020, Suzannah Harvey, chief executive of the privately owned Cotswold Airport (GBA) in the United Kingdom, decided to make the plane a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue. 

The Renovation 

The first step in the 747’s $671,000, 14-month transformation was to gut the inside. By removing the luggage compartments and economy seating, Harvey made room for a bar, cocktail tables, and a dance floor with a disco ball.

“It’s been a lengthy process to actually make it safe for public viewing, because these aircraft are designed to be in the air,” Harvey told CNN.

Most of the renovation costs funded a secure $268,000 concrete pad for the Boeing’s forever home at the airport and $107,000 for electrical hookups. The inside of the venue was left mostly to look like the inside of an airline to give an “aviation chic” aesthetic. 

Party like a Rockstar

The plane already has bookings, though it does not officially open until March 1. Some of the events include TV show recordings and a plethora of parties. Starting rates for parties are $1,300 an hour. 

For soon to be newlyweds, the aircraft also has a wedding license. Some wedding planners may even say $16,000 for 24 hours is a steal.

While partying in a Boeing 747 may seem like a dream, there is one shortfall to the new venue. 

“One problem that we still haven’t managed to solve is to get the toilet system working,” Harvey expressed to CNN. “We’re hopeful that we’ll nail that problem in the next six months or so. But at the moment, we’ve got very posh loo units that are positioned outside.”

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