Vulcanair V1.0 Receives FAA Certification

Making good on the company’s promise at Oshkosh earlier this year, the Vulcanair V1.0 has received its FAA type certificate. Jean-Marie Urlacher/Vulcanair

Vulcanair made a promise at AirVenture 2017 that the company’s new Vulcanair V1.0 would receive its FAA type certificate before the end of the year. With just a few days remaining in the year, CEO Remo De Feo and CEO of U.S. distributor Ameravia Chris Benaiges said that promise has been kept. The company said it also holds orders for 60 V1.0 aircraft. The V1.0 has been operating as an EASA-certified in Europe for some time.

The Vulcanair V1.0 is a four-seat aircraft, powered by a single IO360 180 hp Lycoming engine, and includes a Garmin G500 IFR avionics package. The company believes the V1.0 will make an excellent training aircraft with its constant speed propeller, a 130-knot cruise speed and a useful load of 919 pounds. The aircraft comes standard with a 50-gallon maximum fuel capacity and a range with a 45-minute reserve of just under 600 nm.

Vulcanair plans to begin deliveries of the newly certified aircraft at the 2018 Sun 'n Fun event in Lakeland, Florida. The company said it is still accepting orders for a small number of V1.0's at the introductory price of $259,000, delivered in Miami.

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